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ERP Gehu: Navigating Graphic Era University


The industries are changing with time, and different sectors are growing at a rapid pace as well. They were able to grow quickly because they were able to adapt to new technologies. The education sector is not lagging behind anyone, just like any other sector. With the aid of technology, education as a whole is transforming, not just the lives of the students. Thus, another focus of today’s post will be on Graphic Era University’s implementation of ERP Gehu for student use. Stay with us to learn everything there is to know about this university.

ERP Gehu: What Is It? 

The Graphic Era University has introduced ERP Gehu, an online portal, to its teachers and students. The website is designed to assist them in several ways. This website provides several tools to help teachers and students efficiently manage their assignments. They can get old exam papers and crucial notes using it. It provides all users with more power to efficiently finish their work thanks to its powerful features. 

Prominent Features Of ERP Gehu 

ERP Gehu has a lot of features, some of which are shown below:

Annual Academic Time Table

The annual academic timetable is accessible to all users on the website, including instructors and students. Teachers can set deadlines for assignments, prepare test papers, and complete other critical tasks on time by using this annual schedule. Students can finish the assignment ahead of schedule. They have the option to create their schedule based on the academic calendar.

Report Card Access

The Graphic Era University students’ report cards are displayed on this webpage. This makes it possible for parents and students to monitor the student performance log. Students’ improvement will be aided by the analysis of their areas of weakness. 

Access Additional College Resources

All of the colleges that fall under the university’s purview have access to this website because it was created by the university. To assist pupils, each college or its employees might pool their resources. This can assist pupils in grasping the idea from several perspectives.

Access To Communication Tools

This website’s ability to provide users with communication tools is just another fantastic feature. Students can use the resources provided to participate in different forums and conversations. Students can learn useful things from the experiences of other students, professors, and experts.

Massive Library

Students can use the gateway to access the library as well. Study enthusiasts can find a wide range of topics and themes at the library.

Procedure for Registering an ERP Gehu 

Whenever the university launches a website, it has been observed that students only receive the login credentials. The Graphic Era University website experiences the same issue. Students at this university have finished the registration process. Students were requested to provide multiple pieces of information, including their name, age, gender, email address, admission slip, and phone number. They finish the registration process based on the student’s information. Students later receive an email with their login information, including their password and User ID. 

ERP Gehu Login Procedure 

Students can use ERP Gehu by logging in with their email address once they have received their login credentials. To log on to the website, they must use those details. Students must take the actions listed below to log in to the website:

Use any Web Browser: To log in to this instructional website, students must use any web browser.

Search the Official Website: The first stage requires students to look through the official Dehradun University website. The official website,, is accessible directly.

Open Link From SERP: Students must click the site’s official link after arriving at the search engine result page. 

Enter Your Login Information: Students must now input the information they receive by email, such as their user ID and password. They must fill in the entry areas with details.

Click Login: After completing the previous steps, students must click the Login option as the final step.

How to Change Your ERP Gehu Password 

A person manages numerous accounts, and it can be challenging to recall each account login information. Thus, if instructors or students forget the information, they can change the password by following the instructions below:

Verify Details in Email: Following the registration process, check the login credentials you were sent by the university. This is where your password is located. You must take the additional actions listed below if the password is changed or the email is erased.

Open Gehu Site: To reset their passwords, users must go to Gehu’s official website. 

Click Forget Password: To reset their password, users must click the “forget password” option in this stage. Users will now be sent to a different website where they can reset their passwords. 

Enter Additional Login Information: In this phase, faculty members and students must provide their email address, user ID, and birthdate. 

Click on Reset: Immediately after entering their information, users must now click on the reset option. 

Open Received Link from Mail: The link that was received in the mail must be opened by the user. To reset their password, they must take further action.

How to Reset an ERP Gehu User Number

If students also lose their Gehu ERP user ID, they should adhere to the prescribed instructions below:

Check Mail: To obtain the login information, which also includes the user ID, users can check their email. After students registered, this email was received from Graphic Era University. The solution provided below can be used if the student has erased the email or changed the password. 

Visit the official Gehu website: To reset their user ID, students must access the official Gehu website. 

Click “Forget ID”: Students must first find and then click the “Forget ID” option. Upon selecting that option, users will immediately be routed. 

Provide Personal Information: Users are now required to enter their mobile number and date of birth. 

Verify Details: Users must double-check the information they entered. They must finally click the verify. This concludes the process by which they can obtain their user ID.

ERP Gehu’s Services 

ERP Gehu provides its pupils with several services. Below is what we have written about this site’s service:

Fee Status: Students can use this website to track the progress of their college fee payments. All of the pupils save a ton of time with this service. 

Monitoring Attendance: If a student’s attendance is starting to dwindle, they can regulate it by viewing their total attendance. 

Cloud Storage Service: Students can digitally store their homework assignments by using this website’s cloud storage service. Instructors can also readily gather assignments and other work from students using it. 

Study Resources: Students have access to a variety of study resources that can be useful in getting ready for exams.


Finally, we have discussed how technical developments have aided in the expansion of several industries, including education. Through the ERP Gehu portal at Graphic Era University, students can access resources, manage timetables, monitor progress, and interact with faculty members. This example of technology use in education highlights the significance of technology utilization.

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