Knowledgeum Academy Reviews

Positive Reviews:

  • Mr. Kiran Manjunath on YouTube ([YouTube Knowledgeum Academy Review]) gave an 8.5/10 rating, praising the academy’s focus on the IBDP syllabus, interaction with parents and students, and emphasis on assignments and projects. He suggests improvement in offering more outdoor and indoor sports facilities.
  • Yellow Slate ([Yellow Slate Knowledgeum Academy]) highlights a positive learning environment, skilled teachers, and an ambience that helps students reach their full potential.
  • Knowledgeum Academy Testimonials ( showcase student experiences like improved confidence, communication, research skills, and being motivated by teachers.

Neutral Reviews:

  • Justdial (Justdial Knowledgeum Academy) provides basic information about the academy and mentions students joining to prepare for top universities.

Overall knowledgeum academy reviews:

The available reviews suggest a positive experience for students at Knowledgeum Academy, particularly regarding IBDP preparation, teacher support, and project-based learning. However, more reviews would be helpful to get a well-rounded perspective.